Renewable Energy
Site Assessor Directory
A program of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Why have an Assessment?

MREA Renewable Energy Site Assessors can help you determine if your home or small business site is appropriate for the installation of a renewable energy system (solar electric, small wind, or solar domestic hot water). A site assessor is not trying to sell you a specific product or service in their professional reports. A site assessor can provide you with an independent evaluation of your site’s renewable energy potential.

The directory tool includes information about the site assessor, including their contact information, technologies that they hold a certificate in, and service territory. These individuals have met training and testing standards developed by the MREA. They are not employees or subcontractors of the MREA, and MREA cannot be held responsible for their actions.

What is included in a site assessment report?

  • A review of the goals for having a renewable energy system
  • A basic analysis of site’s energy needs
  • An in-depth environmental survey to evaluate the renewable energy potential of your site
  • Recommendations for system size and siting to meet energy goals
  • Estimate of a the system’s production
  • A rough cost estimate for the system
  • Preliminary economic analysis of the system
  • The next steps you need to take to make the installation of a system a reality